4 value of the letter X in Scrabble points

Scrabble is one of those globally popular puzzle games that can test a person's intellectual abilities. Indeed, one of these key features is the use of alphabetic letter to form words. Thus, the letter X is one of those letters whose point values represent a challenge and a boon for players. In this article, you will discover four different values of the letter X in Scrabble dots.

Base value of the letter X

The letter X is one of the reliable letters in Scrabble, thanks to its high base value of 8 points. If you are looking for words to score in the Scrabble game, go to this site to discover the french words that start with x. The letter X is complicated in the game of Scrabble because it does not often appear in the majority of words in the French language.  
To maximize your points in Scrabble, try using the letter X paired with other strong scoring letters. This will allow you to get words of high value and importance. For example, using the letter X, you can create words such as example, oxygen, text and boxer. Moreover, with the rarity of this letter within the French language, Scrabble players can take advantage of it to maximize their luck during the draws.

Using the letter X to form strong words

The letter X is a very versatile letter for maximizing Scrabbles points. Indeed, it is a letter that can be used to understand the vocabulary as well as the different strategies related to the game of Scrabble. You can combine this letter X with other letters like Z, H, Y to form words in French such as exorziste, hybride, hy√®ne et hydrocabure.  
Using the letter X also allows you to obtain additional points thanks to the bonus spaces on the game board. For example, the double letter space or the triple word space. Also, to create high-point words, as players, you need to be aware of this versatility of the letter X.

The multiplier effect of the letter X

In the game of Scrabble proper, each alphabetic letter has a numerical value that contributes to a player's score when used to form a word. With the multiplier effect of the letter X, it is possible for a player's score to increase significantly. 
Also, when the letter X is used to form a word in a special color space, the score for that word can be doubled. This then offers a considerable advantage to players who are able to place the letter X on one of these special color spaces. For example, in case a player uses the letter X to form the word EXCUSE on a special color space, triples the score.

High-value words containing the letter X

The letter X is one of the valuable letters in the game of Scrabble due to the value of the words that contain it. Players often look to use the letter X to score many points. This is possible when they place the letter X in words such as saxophone and exquisite on the game board. Advanced players are aware of the importance of the letter X in the game of Scrabble.  
This therefore allows them to seek to use it by favoring words that contain this rare letter. This can often be difficult, as the letter X is one of the least used in English. But by learning and memorizing words containing this letter, players can improve their score and game performance.