How do I install a pool heat pump ?

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly and economical way to heat your pool, look no further. Installing a heat pump is the best option. It extends your swimming time and increases the water temperature. Because of its many benefits, you can easily install it in your home. Follow these steps to enjoy the many benefits.

Analyze the installation system

The first thing to remember is that a heat pump pool must be installed outdoors. This is to allow for proper ventilation. You should also remember that a heat pump pool must be stable, preferably on a flat surface and especially well away from a wall. Click here, if you want to learn more about his installation. A pool heat pump is installed with a system. This system is called by-pass. The system consists of three valves and is connected to the connecting pipe. This connection must be made well in advance of the electrolyser and the injection supports. 
On a table, please assemble the whole bypass system without gluing. Then connect the three valves of the system with a hose, the plumbing hose should be T-shaped. With pool glue, please fix all these parts together. 

Measure the pipes and install them

After fixing, please measure the length of the system. If it is 50cm, please keep in mind that it is 44cm. But if it is 50cm, please subtract 6cm from this length. This measurement should be reported on one of the valves, the discharge pipe and then cut it with a saw. After this step, please make the result clean and glue the two T-shaped pipes to the discharge pipe of the filter. Then screw on the various valves. 
Then fix the heat pump to the floor or wall with an anti-vibration blogger. But before you do this, make sure you check the perimeter for 50 cm. 
Your heat pump must be connected close to your bypass system. The connection is made on an electrical panel with a differential circuit breaker. Then, the water temperature setting must be done according to your convenience.