How to choose a good CPO?

Several large companies have understood the usefulness of the CPO within their company and have therefore valued this position. However, several other companies still have a vague idea of who the CPO is still called product manager or product manager. In this article, you will discover the role of a CPO in order to understand its usefulness, but also, you will discover how to choose the latter.

What is the role of the CPO within a company?

The position of Chief Product Officer is a very important position in the economic growth of a company. The CPO is responsible for defining and organizing the entire product strategy and improving it. He takes care of the design of a product, invests in developing it, marketing, manufacturing it, distributing it and ensuring its evolution. He assists the company's customers and identifies the expectations of prospects to adapt them to the products as Rapha cohen Waze's CPO. The Chief Product Officer is like a coach for his team. He assists his team in the execution of the project while helping them to increase their skills. He manages the team and also monitors the performance indices. In addition, a CPO first and foremost studies the feasibility of the products.

How to choose the right CPO?

While the position of Chief Product Officer is one of the most important positions for a company's economic growth, it's not just about choosing a CPO. There are certain criteria to consider if you do not want you to spend for nothing instead of economic growth. The competent CPO is comfortable with software in his field of work such as Illustrator, Visio, Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver. He must also master the Office Pack, and more precisely PowerPoint and Excel. The CPO must have experience in the back and front office, and in the field of BtoB and BtoC. He must have a spirit of pedagogy. Always to carry out its missions, the competent CPO must be autonomous, responsive and persevering.