How to install minecraft server addons ?

In the world of video games, minecraft is a very popular game on the internet. It is a very fun and adventurous game that is very popular among video game enthusiasts. However, some of the fans of this game very often encounter difficulties in the installation of their server. In this article, you will find tips on how to install addons on your minecraft server more easily for more fun.

Installing addons from the Java software

Installing addons on a minecraft server can be done with Java software. You must have Java software with a recent update or download it. Visiting this site can help you to look at more info on the subject that will speed up the installation of addons on your minecraft server. Downloading the java software will give you direct access to the minecraft server. So, to download the java software, you will need to take your computer offline and register the java installer runner. Choose a location for the software preferably on the desktop to start the installation process. Then proceed with the installation by clicking on install. You will have direct systematic access to the minecraft server.

Installing addons from another server

Apart from the Java software, it is possible to install addons on minecraft from a foreign server. Indeed, you can do the installation from the Bedrock server if you use a Windows or Linux operating system. Under Windows, you will have to download the 250 MB Bedrock archive available on minecraft which only works on X64 machines. The installation is done with a small personal server or with an online hosted server. As far as Linux is concerned, a conversion of the downloaded archive from compiled format to normal format is necessary before executing the commands. This action allows you to start the minecraft server and configure it in the server propertises file. You can set the server port and the maximum number of users or the permission of the players.