How to prepare for winter?

To better face the winter, you need to be well prepared. But when it comes to coping, how do you do it? Here are a few tips to help you cope with winter.

Create a cocoon-like setting

The evening arrives early and the temperature is more or less moderate. Visit our website. We spend more time at home and still need comfort. Like our Danish and Swedish friends who experience long, cold winters, you can turn your house into a cozy haven where you feel at home. Start by cleaning your home, and not only will you come home to a tidy apartment, but you'll also improve the heat flow from your radiators. You'll also have more space and be able to insulate your floor, for example by layering some rugs. 

Light bath

The main cause of winter depression is lack of light. That's where decorative elements come in. Hanging lamps are in vogue, gathering and multiplying above a table or work surface to create a well-lit space. Choose bright, vitamin-rich colors that reflect light. If your biological rhythm is disturbed, white light, similar to natural light, will help regulate melatonin production. If possible, buy a lamp instead of antidepressants. It's much better for your mood and your body.

Choose the right diet

You can accumulate calories without feeling guilty - on the contrary, your body needs them. On the contrary, your body needs it. You feel the need to eat hot. So replace gazpacho with a good vegetable soup with bread, cheese and bacon - it's delicious! If you don't know the Savoy chestnut soup, discover this ancient Savoyard dish that allowed you to pass the harsh winter with a minimum of resources.

Strengthen the immune system

In autumn, start by taking vitamin D, then take a good cure of probiotics. Our gut, which facilitates digestion, is a gateway for bacteria. And it puts them to an even greater test when you have to take antibiotics. So it's a good idea to prepare them for what they have to endure when taking these antimicrobials. How about starting your day with a ginger acerola tea to boost your vitamin C levels? Spirulina is also your go-to for energy and tone.