How to trade chocolate in China ?

To set up in China, you have to be ready to work with the Chinese by adopting their processes and their business communication methods. The Chinese market is very popular with traders and businessmen. The chocolate trade is no exception. This sweet preparation loved by toddlers sells very well in China. Find out here how to trade chocolate in China.

Favor a direct establishment on the territory

The Chinese market is vast, fragmented and very specific, therefore very complicated to address from the outside. As explained on this webpage, for companies wishing to develop there, it is therefore necessary to set up there directly, if only for legal reasons. In order to overcome the challenges and exploit the opportunities offered by China, Western companies must choose the most effective market strategies. 

Establishing your presence in the market starts with the creation of local office or a subsidiary. It is imperative to work on your ecosystem before going there to be able to get started more easily once you arrive on site. Startups that grow on online shopping sites in China already have practical assets to grow.

Do not underestimate mobile first

Mobile first is a key business issue in China, especially if you are targeting the B2C market. In 2018, out of 772 million Chinese Internet users, 97.5% were mobile users. We understand then why the choice of market strategy is crucial. Mobile-only in China both predicts trends and is also the largest mobile payment market in the world. 

Likewise, having a business website optimized for China is an essential part of building user trust and sales, both online and offline. If you are using a site with integrated web hosting, check that it offers an option for China. Also opt for Chinese sales platforms which offer many possibilities. You can start with the Tmall platform to see if the market is interesting.