Sextech entrepreneur: the main founders of Sextech

In the current economic climate, Sextech offers many opportunities. Each year, this market, estimated at 15 billion dollars, increases by 30%. Moreover, who are the main players ensuring the development of this field?

Sextech entrepreneur: Anna Lee, founder of Lioness

The term Sextech has been gaining momentum in recent years due to fantastic innovations thanks to founders. Lioness is a sexual wellness industry that has built the first and only biofeedback vibrator. This gadget provides arousal and orgasm data from one's own body. While measuring the involuntary movements of the pelvic floor muscles. This sextech entrepreneurs has founded one of the best arousal and orgasm indicators. This allows users to find out what works best sexually and literally see (visually) how many conditions affect their sexuality. The company also has the largest data set of female physiology during arousal and orgasm. In addition, it has the largest real-world (in the bedroom, not in the lab) data on sexual response and orgasm.

Sextech entrepreneur: Caroline Spiegel, founder of Quinn

At the age of 22, Spiegel founded Quinn, an audio porn site focused on pleasure for all. Like any good company, Quinn emerged from a personal need. After losing her libido as a symptom of an eating disorder, she was forced to rediscover her sexuality. This experience, along with her friends' stories of sexual dissatisfaction, led her to realize that everyone was looking for a more pleasurable masturbation experience. Through her app, she is making it easier than ever to discover a new kind of porn created for all genders, sexual orientations and demographics. Quinn is on a mission to prove that there is more to porn than the visual and plans to bring more excitement, pleasure and sex into the mainstream. For Spiegel, the future is one in which porn is less stigmatized and more enjoyable. In summary, Sextech is a successful field these days. Many people have fostered this development with interesting foundations.