Some tips to effectively install a bathroom mirror

Just like the many objects used to decorate a bathroom, the mirror is also an indispensable element. Practical and aesthetic, its installation is not very complicated. If you want to know more about how to hang a mirror in your bathroom, read this article.

Preparing the site

Whatever the DIY work, its success necessarily involves preparation. The preparation we're talking about here is making sure you have everything you need to install your mirror. To do this, start by choosing the right mirror for you. If you go to the websites where you can buy this item you will find more tips here. In these stores, you will find many shapes and sizes of this item. You will also see what fits your taste and decoration of your bathroom.

Fixing the wall brackets

The second step in hanging a mirror is to first fix the wall brackets. However, when it comes to a lighted mirror, you should secure the relevant power line by turning on the electrical breaker. To do this, use your mounting instructions to mark the holes for the brackets on the wall. In case your wall is tiled, drill the hole at the tile joint. Use a spirit level to check that your marks are horizontal. 

Proceed to the electrical connection

This is an essential step in the installation of a bathroom mirror. It is essential if you want to install a light fixture. If not, it is useless. In addition, to make a successful electrical connection, first check that there is no voltage in the electrical box. Since the mirror light does not have a ground connector, in case you find two or three wires of different colors, do these:
- First connect the ground wire;
- Then connect the neutral wire and finish with the phase;
Finally, close the box and place the mirror on the brackets previously attached.