What are the different anti-ddos hosting options?

At some point, the volume of information on websites attracts hackers. Thus, the longer the site runs, the more it is at risk. So the best option is to protect your website by hosting it on a trusted server. There are different hosting packages. Let's discover them by reading this article.

What are the different hosting packages offered?

Using a quality hosting service means guaranteeing that the site's data will be secure 24 hours a day against any cyberattack. Because of this, anti ddos hosting services are available at reasonable costs. It should be noted that each hosting is unique to a site. Therefore, it is important to make the selection according to the activities of the website. Thus, for a medium risk site, anti ddos hosting is offered at only $39.99 per month. This gives you 30 gigabytes of storage and 200 gigabytes of bandwidth. The level of protection then rises to 120 gigabits per second. Logically, the high-risk sites, the monthly fee is $ 140. The storage capacity offered here is also 30 gigabytes unlike the bandwidth, doubled to 400 gigabytes. While the threshold of DDOS protection per second, extends to 200 gigabyte. Beyond the defined hosting packages, it is likewise offered different DDOS protection services.

The various DDOS protection services

Secure hosting of a site offers unlimited connection and prevents any computer attack. DDOS protection provides an additional layer of security to the website. As far as protection proposals are concerned, the choice is available between a remote KPROXY DDOS protection and one for the dedicated server. The first offer involves unlimited IP protections of the domains. With of course the net bandwidth of the disk at 20TB without forgetting the DDOS protection of 150 gigabits per second. All this is offered at 140 dollars per month. On the other hand, the protection of the dedicated server for her is 450 dollars. It is composed of the processor E3-1230 and presents a capacity of protection of 350 gigabits per second in clean bandwidth of 100 To.