What is an RSS feed ?

RSS feeds of a site allow you to have access to new contents, as and when they are published. This avoids developing the reflex to visit your favorite sites every day, but to be aware of the updates of the sites to which you are subscribed. What are RSS feeds? This article will clarify this concept, so explore its contents.

The role of RSS feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds are free content feeds from websites. This site will give you an explanation. They present the titles of articles, summaries and links to the full articles to be consulted online. This web content syndication system ensures the distribution of the titles of your latest articles posted on other sites, blogs or RSS aggregators. Thus facilitating the increase of your visitors. Indeed, the contents come automatically to you. Nevertheless, to use it, you should go through a content aggregation web service. Then, create a free account on an RSS feed aggregator and download a free email program to automatically filter out spam.

The benefits of RSS feeds

The objective of RSS feeds is to allow you to know the updates of the sites in real time. They are more advantageous than newsletters, because they do not require sending an e-mailing, but just to produce in an automated way the RSS file with each update. With RSS feeds, you no longer need to connect to your aggregator's web site to read the latest headlines, videos, files, sounds and photos from your favorite newspapers or sites for free. With RSS feeds, instead of subscribing to several RSS feeds, you just need to subscribe to a newsgroup or a social network page. Then, you will receive aggregated notifications in a customizable interface. However, they do not allow the broadcaster to have control over the presentation of the content. Moreover, they only present text, no advertising.