What should you know about the handpan ?

You wish to acquire a handpan, but you feel lost? You are at the right place! Find here the guide you need to have a maximum of information about this musical instrument. This article provides you with the essentials to know about the handpan.

What do you need to know before buying your handpan ? 

It is important to know the different settings that your handpan has before you buy it. Indeed, the settings depend on the manufacturer and also on the mode of operation of the musical instrument. To begin with, we advise you to pay attention to the advances requested in order to be registered on a waiting list. You should therefore make sure that this is a situation that occurs among all owners of an instrument of the brand. 
Discover your hang drum for sale here. Like the acquisition of any instrument, you have to pay before you get your handpan. However, make your purchase from a reputable collector. However, we recommend that you do some real research on your manufacturer. You can also ask for help from the community if you have any doubts about your maker. 

How to choose your handpan ? 

Before choosing your handpan, you should first do some research while browsing from link to link. Once on the market, we advise you to put on headphones in order to better perceive the subtleties of each instrument. It is essentially a question of the timbre, the dynamics, the tuning, the balance between the different notes and especially the sustain of the instrument. 
Furthermore, whether you have targeted the sounds that you like, note the makers that you like. You will have noticed that you will very quickly sort out those that sound like pots and pans and those that have a good manufacture. Take the different ranges into account and note the ones you like.