Science/High-Tech - The all-new aircraft
The all-new aircraft
The long-awaited moment to launch the latest ground test of the Spirit of Innovation, an electric competition aircraft created by Rolls-Royce. Fully installed, the aircraft had the ability to perform successful ground tactics to test the proper assimilation of its electric impulse system into the...
Science/High-Tech - All about home automation motion sensors
All about home automation motion sensors
The physical movements of our environment can be influenced by intelligent and well programmed devices. Indeed, a home automation motion sensor, gives you a knowledge of the factors of the environment by connecting to the device. What is a home automation motion sensor? How does a home automation...
Science/High-Tech - How do I find a lost cat near me?
How do I find a lost cat near me?
The disappearance of a cat that you usually see all the time or with whom you live can disappear at any time. It may even be never found despite all the efforts of its owner. In these kinds of cases, more often it is the owner who goes wrong when looking for it. This is the reason why the result...