How does the NBA basketball championship work?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) basketball championship is one of the most popular sports leagues after football in the world. It is a popular sports activity and watched by millions of people. Every year, thousands of fans gather to follow the games of the best teams in the United States and Canada. As time goes by, this spectacle has grown, particularly at the level of the players as well as at the level of the spectators. In this article, you will have how this Basketball Association really works.

The format of the championship

The NBA basketball championship takes place during the regular season. This season is a period that extends over several months, generally between the months of October and April. This championship is validated by several people because of the big teams like the Lakers. Indeed, the NBA brings together 30 teams who discuss with each other through meetings on a basketball court. 
That is to say the course of the matches. This competition is divided into two conferences, including the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Each of these conferences is made up of 15 teams, hence the exact number of 30 teams at the finish. Each of these teams participates in 82 matches, where 41 of these matches are played at home and the other 41 away.

Classification method by division

After the end of the regular season, teams qualifying for the playoffs are ranked out of the top eight in the various conferences. During this ranking method, the teams are ranked within the divisions in groups of 5. Then the teams that have not yet reached the number of games played are compared by winning percentage. 
 Teams ranked first through fourth enjoy home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. While teams ranked fifth through eighth are considered visiting teams at the start of the playoffs.

The playoffs 

The playoffs are organized in several rounds. Each of its rounds is disputed with the best. Which strictly means that a team must win at least four games to advance to the next stage. Thus, the winners of the first rounds will qualify for the semi-finals of the conference. 
Only the winners of the conference semi-finals will have access to its final. This playoff series is very often filled with intensity and suspense. And the two conferences, East and West, are very equally determined. After the Conference Finals, the champions of each conference meet in the NBA Finals.

The game's rules

The NBA is a game that takes place on a rectangular field with baskets placed at each end of the field. The object of this game is to score points by passing the ball through the opponent's basket. And in return, you must prevent the opposing team from also scoring you points. Taking into account the movement of the ball, the players must advance the ball by passing it to their teammates or by dribbling their opponent. 
The ball must be played with the hands and within the limits of the field. If you deliberately play it with your foot or fist, it is a violation. And in this case, the ball would be returned to the opposing team. Regarding the 24-second clock rule, when a team takes control of the ball, they must attempt to shoot within 24 seconds.

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